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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So, is this the currently accepted scenario ...

1. Earth/Mars were planets around our former star, Saturn.

2. Capture by our current star (The Sun) ramps down the former stars current, eventually creating Saturn in its current (non star) form..

3. Due to these changes a cataclysm effects Earth and Mars, almost completely destroying a former, possibly technological, civilization on Mars and Earth, ref: Cydonia and why it seems so alien and yet so familiar. Yet Mars and Earth do survive due to the orbit arranging nature of EM/EU/Plasma as we see in Exoplanet discoveries.

4. As a result of the capture, and as the orbits settle down, visible EM phenomena in the sky are recorded by the survivors (petroglyphs, mythology).

5. Some survivors of this former civilization are tasked with preserving important human knowledge for healing, healthy societies, etc. via the perennial philosophy passed down through the ages; sacred geometry, and other systems of preserving knowledge. This is why some of the deductions made from possible Cydonia ruins match up with current human knowledge, because that knowledge was originally human before the star capture, hence the Face.
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Perhaps the most accomplished analyst of mythology in modern times was the late Mircea Eliade, chairman of the Department of History of Religions at the University of Chicago, and editor of the Encyclopedia of Religion. From his meticulous, lifelong survey of the subject, professor Eliade drew a stunning conclusion: literally every component of early civilizations--from religion to art and architecture--expressed symbolically the desire to recover and to re-live the lost Golden Age. That which symbolically transported the participant back to the First Time, the Golden Age, was sacred. That which did not was transient and mundane, of no interest.
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Also, the birth of plentiful brown dwarf stars and smaller bodies in proximity along an electrical umbilical cord provides the opportunity for capture by bright stars to form planetary systems. Capture is greatly enhanced by electrical energy exchange where the cross-section for capture is that of a star’s huge electrical boundary, called the heliosphere (~200 AU wide), or ‘astrosphere.’ Brown dwarfs captured by a bright star will have their power source stolen, lose their radiance and become gas giants. This explains a mystery known as the ‘brown dwarf desert,’ around main sequence stars.

The capture process of a brown dwarf involves drastic electrical readjustment from being an anode to a cathode, which the captured star achieves by a cometary-type electrical expulsion of matter from its heavy-element core and atmosphere, forming satellites and rings. Some of the expelled debris escapes to become families of comets, asteroids and meteoroids. It is a process entirely analogous to the observed electrical splitting of comet nuclei, often as they too approach the Sun.

The applicability of this model to the solar system is obvious with the distant gas giants sporting rings and many satellites. Saturn, with its spectacular ring system, appears to be the most recently captured. The inner planets are satellites lost to the gas giants/former dwarf stars. Astronomers have recently begun to suggest that the environment close to a dwarf star is conducive to life. But there is far more to this idea in an Electric Universe. So the Sun’s weird assortment of planets and their satellites are an adopted family and not primordial. Comparing gyroscopically stable axial tilts may show some familial associations. Significantly, Saturn, Mars and Earth seem related via this hypothesis.

Gravitational systems are essentially chaotic because orbital perturbations are not corrected. With intruders upsetting the solar system the obvious question is how come the planets move like clockwork? It is important that an effective ‘damping’ mechanism operates to enforce order in the solar system.
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That is a very interesting statement. I've never even glimpsed that concept, and it doesn't feel right now that I have.

Gravitational systems are essentially chaotic.

There is some missing information when understanding that last paragraph. I think I have it. Magnetic fields form shape. Gravity does not. Therefor magnetic fields are order, while gravity fields are chaos.

Chaos is too strong a word in my opinion. I suppose that is why they said 'essentially' chaotic. If gravitational systems do not 'shape' the fields (magnetism), then they are not designing the order of bodies.

Thread: Magnetism not only Powers the most Energetic form of Light in the known Universe, but Structures it out of Chaos.
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