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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Seer it is with deep regret I read what has happened, tears have been building within me and are due for release, the last thing I would ever want is distress hurt or anything of that nature to come past one such as you, an angel in womens clothing. The tactic of bullies is if they can not find a direct pain for those they are confronted with is to attempt hurt at those they love.

You have shown me something I will never ever forget, an amazing strength of character is an understatement, even me myself do not disereve the honour of calling you a friend based on my past actions yet here you are still subtly guiding being the wonderful you that you are.

I am indebted to you.

All my love.
 Quoting: acuk 32669490

Thank you for your beautiful words... :) They mean a lot.

You deserve as much and more. You are beautiful. Don't ever believe any different.

I suppose it's just another stepping stone. Whenever I get frustrated, I remember 0's words about 'ego falling its own sword' and my response therein.

No matter what happens, I love what I do. I love all the friends I have made. Genius and relative madness wrapped up into great experience and sometimes great discovery.

All else is noise.

Wow...my computer locked up no less than 12 times writing this.


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