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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Robyn Hood
Post Content
oh I should also mention for anyone else that just "doesn't get the whole Grateful Dead thing", I remember vividly that when I first started trying to listen to a couple of their songs that I simply could not hear them correctly. It was almost like there was a shield over it pretending that it was some kind of mundane country music or whatever..quite strange. I knew something was odd though and kept trying to hear it right..with a little help from the herb etc..the barrier finally dropped and I was astounded..I really could not believe what I was hearing..somehow they managed to play almost hyperdimentionally in a register that goes straight to the soul matrix with a synchronicity drive that flows with your own.

If you are so inclined to believe what I am telling you then keep trying to hear it right and it will click eventually. It's well worth the small effort, but I should also say that if you can't let go of pretense and preconception then you will never get it and probably shouldn't waste your time.


This is a little slide show I put together with one of my fav tunes ~

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