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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle acuk
Post Content
Yes fringe the current makes much sense, thank you.

Ah good morning all.

Off for my morning jog, had a wonderful time sitting around a table with freinds last night disscussions going deeper than they would normally allow, receptivity improvment I think was based on an improvement of my understanding and tone in which it is conveyed.

Yesterday morning my partner was under attack and unawares, I had to sit her down and really get her to listen and understand that her emotions yes they are hers but magnified, once that sunk in her anger fell away then it tried sadness on her and we had a repeat of the conversation, she is aware now and through that awarness has gained an amazingly fast ability of deduction to what is her and what is not her, for the rest of the day she was pointing out the attacks but this time with laughter and strength in the notion we have each others back so to slip between is now pointless, she now sees what I have been trying to show her for months, she is snoring peacfully next to me, I love her so much and have been failing miserably at protecting those I love, so made an all out extra effort of explaining in the face of the attacks that fare enough you feel an emotion but we need to look at the amplification, it ties you up within your own system not allowing you to flow or be who you are.

Lots of love.
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