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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
placing linear time on the sequences it goes like this

forever (to them) local life emotionally expresses (lives) within the closed system (sense) of it`s cosmic egg (plasma sphere)

when the linear time arrives for the cosmic egg to hatch (plasma sphere is broken by a star (bright sun))

an unknown length of linear time passes for the local life of the cosmic egg to become knowing of their eternal future within the new to local life sense of the open system (universe) their cosmic egg birthed them within
and it matters not how long that linear time process of knowing our eternal future takes

it takes as long as it naturally takes

so no guilt trips

when we reach the linear time of knowing restlessness will arise within the local life (us) as the knowing grows(spreads)
because by nature
no two people know at the same linear time so the restless have to wait restlessly while the majority become the minority

natural tounge
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