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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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i`m hovering over the explanation of this:

we refer on this thread to our moving group, which is the group of galaxies our own galaxy was birthed from

within our birthing galaxies there are two societies that are naturally emotionally experiencing longer linear time outside of their own hatched cosmic egg experience within our now becoming familiar to ourselves environment of our universe because there galaxies existed (linear time) before our own


both of these societies , although there are others, for their own reasons, possess emotional ties with earth

reflecting their own unique emotional experience (life) one society is matriarchal in nature and the other is patriarchal

on june 16th 2007 earth requested that "final say" between those two societies on the topic emotional ties to earth rest with the matriarchal by nature society

all societies within our moving group inclusive of the emotional tied 2 agreed to our request

thus this thread , if and when relevant, reflects that agreement
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