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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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As Shiva is Shakti
 Quoting: pi

Don't worry about 0's assertions. He's merely entertaining himself as we all are. God can be defined as Sum. All that is was and ever shall be without the measurement or limitation of knowing self. It cannot be encapsulated and as such cannot know self except through it's own workings. As it is always moving forth it is always motivating.

Within it are all things.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflattus

Sum. Thank you, I like that.

The sum that is greater than the parts.
 Quoting: pi

I just had a transcendant thought. It took place when reading RA OP's thread "We are all one?" here: Thread: We are all one?

Soaring Bear answers a reply by stating, in this communication:


I don't know why you say that the "ONE doesn't fragment", when we obviously live in a condition where it has done just that......divided into a duality!?!
 Quoting: ObeWayneKenobe

OWK, ONE is NOT sum of many/all.
and yes, some ( many ) live in condition of duality.
Some just observe it.
 Quoting: SoaringBear

Soaring Bear is SO correct in stating this, and it is a 'wrong' way of thinking of ourselves as in relation to God, or The Source or whatever you want to call it.

Now, this might sound philosophical in nature, but when thinking about it in a rational way, it makes complete sense, and in my case, opens that crack in my mind just a little more to understanding a bigger (much, much bigger) perspective of what it means to exist within God's (again, whatever you take that concept/construct to mean)...within God's embrace...within it's being, it's essence, it's 'self'.

In my response to thinking about Soaring Bear's comment, I had one of my 'flashes' of insight. It is a vision without an image. I can't explain them, but these types of thoughts that come to me, always seem to resonate with others.

Soaring Bear, this is a VERY important concept to understand. "ONE is NOT sum of many/all."

This may be true for old school thinking, but not in a universe/reality that is infinite and eternal. There is no such thing as the ONE...there is no such things as ALL...we are now at the age of understanding that we can discard the ONE concept and transcend it. There is no all, or One (as in sum of all), in the infinite...
Perhaps we should be calling it Source, instead of The One.
 Quoting: Setpenary Man

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward Septenary Man

 Quoting: Septenary Man

Yes, you must define space as both open and closed while percussing through the closed space as it is a vehicle to further induce open space.First as skin and then a drum of inducing fufther waves.

This is why waves are such an important unit as perspective. As rays (radians) are continually unlocking like and reflecting the twofold nature of encapsulation.
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