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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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In philological terms: radial emanations. In frequency terms: A specific place in the windings.

Do you remember me talking about columns and torsional loads thereon creating an resonant frequency in the architecture they reside within.
 Quoting: Dionysian


Not specifically.

However, I have noticed something recently regarding 'weight'. I find it quite curious. As more weight would indicate moving faster...I would assume.
 Quoting: Seer777

good point

today we look in weight in two ways

velocity as in: inertia , more velocity more weight experienced within light speed velocities of that which possess weight to notice


weight alteration unconnected to velocity

thinking the tesla quote above /z\ we may see that what we label gravity is not a constant sensation because what causes gravity fluctuates for it`s own reasons thus gravity is forced to alter

if we use earth as example, the completed design/shape of earth remains the same shape because the completed structure is material thus is influenced/shaped by the tensegrity it`s material structure causes to exists

held in place by fits

if we have a local weight alteration (gravity fluctuation) , currently labeled anomaly, the weight in that location changes

remembering gravity diminishes to none as we go below earths surface
thus the shape of the location (say surface to 100 miles down from surface) and the units within the location do not alter shape, only their weight does

if they get less heavy, tensegrity instantly notices and moves the less heavy units to the next comfortable fit for tensegrity
tensegrity is the force of the whole planet thus it`s scale of influence is always greater than any local parts that it influences

if the local area becomes heavier tensegrity never moves because of the above planetary scale so the now heavier local location puts it`self under pressure being of heavier weight thus supporting that weight (it`self) against a greater (non moving) force (tensegrity)

if the weight becomes to much for the local area to self support it fractures under it`s own stress

remembering that the causes of gravity affect us (surface life) in differing ways unconnected to gravity and noticing gravity fluctuations (weight) is a reliable indication localenvironment is altering noticeable
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