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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C.Radnarg
Post Content
here's what happened in north georgia(gold mines) but at fort mountain,,the Romans were on the mountain,miloitary always takes the high ground..we Scots told the locals a plan which we used all over the world even with the armored Egyptians in china..it went like this...the mountains would sometimes be covered with low clouds making visibility down to 10 feet..i know i have been on fort mountain when its misted over half way up...we told the "offerings" every time they went up to be fuked to draw the location on the inside of their leather dresses...they then came down and we had a good idea where each little fort in the rocks were...we sent word to all the other tribes that when it rained and the mountain misted over to always meet at the base..we sent the girls up one last time to get that armor off those snake gods whom thought they were invincible...the entire indian nation was half way up the mountain because the Romans could not see 10 feet in front of them...when the women gave the ahem 'battle cry' we knew they was faking an orgasm and we poured over that mountain like a swarm of bees and got them without their armor ..the ones whom reached for the sword died by arrows...we did this tactic in china when Egypt was building pyramids there...as i said wait for the mist and they see jesus coming in the clouds with the armies of heaven..we scots then gave steel and iron forging to china and they are red headed mummy's all over the world...the pope referred to us scots as the beast because we were the last to bow to roman churches rule...the Romans and Egyptian were in the americas long before Columbus...if they can build pyramids then they had a navy too...its bullshit the east didn't trade with west long ago.the Vatican is ashamed of there loses and wiped out victory's out of their history...the fake monster of loch ness symbolizes we beasts who set the captives free all over the globe until king James sold the highlanders out..i am scottish and still hate the vatican for what they did and what they covered up with fake stories..
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