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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
I love you seer777.
You have made me laugh.
You tell me about the temple and I will tell you about the purpose.
Remember I started out by saying that I am an unread thug.
Just one thing. I looked up when waiting for the question. Obviously the reason the question took so long. What did I see in my bedroom? My light and the pattern on the ceiling.
What was the pattern?
A wheel with six spokes.
Can you believe it? I can now, but it took a lot. That reminds me of other stories that I have to tell.
Also, important, I am as surprised as you at what I am doing. I only found him three years ago. I think he deliberately kept me away from religion and books in order to keep my mind untainted.
Now, I will say to you Seer777, I have not been onto wikipedia to find the answer, and anyway I would not trust it, especially it. Please give me what I ask and then I will give you what you want, I trust.
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