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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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hi everyone :)

Oh good article, thanks for that, in a bizzare sync, I had a really odd dream regarding a friend with ptsd last night, we were in the pub when one of his memories was triggered off (it appears like a telepathic overlay on the physical environment), but I noticed in the dream there was a funny smell in the room, it was kind of fizzy and bubbly, and slightly mechanical, I worked out in the dream it was coming from the heater but it was the smell of the electromagnetism caused by the heater which triggered something in the environment.

The specific memory that was triggered was different to the normal ones I see, he was watching a light which formed a pattern that was moving through six different dimensions.

I should lay off the cheese lol

 Quoting: songwaves

Interesting dream last night

Large levitated ship, football field size fairly thick triangular wedge shaped with a rear end like a late model volvo...

Was static and cloud cloaked, then made a hummm and swish sound as it moved away slowly heading north.
It left, because it was noticed.

Reached for phone to take pic, but too late.

Looked local initially (US Egypt here)

Lots of people saw

Thereafter, in Miami Beach?

Roaming groups of youths, some violent, but not randomly

Later entered a lounge and was stopped by an asian gal who exchanged a shot of booze via a kiss...

And Dion, I don't think it was tequila

Woke up then

lmao crazy vivid dream, but nice

About two and a half years ago, had another dream involving a pyramidal craft close to the same area
Had a couple egyptians with headdresses in it, size of a semi truck
Cruising down the street, maybe a dozen feet up...
 Quoting: just a dude

Lol, All I can say is my ex wife gets around lol. Hopefully she was gentle. ;)
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