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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
So you want to hear a crazy story.

I watched this movie... with Hugh Jackman... In my head I have to always think because I like to call him Jack Human... anyway.

The movie was called the fountain... lots of symbols in that movie...

I never did get to see the end. Nope. I saw right at the end... he just got to the star and just ate the rest if the tree or something... then the power went out because of an earthquake. I live in Texas. I walked outside, because the power was out... saw a transformer blow... crazy blue light in the sky.

I posted about it here when it happened... not sure the date... Thoughts?
 Quoting: TRIXER

if earthquakes are electrical caused
they are
the electrical charge in our atmosphere that discharges into earth which prompts the affect is noticed to overload local transformers on earth surface in the process often just as it can occur to transformers by a thunderstorm or coronal mass ejection
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