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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Don't you understand that the information that I have given you up until now could not have come from me?
 Quoting: completejigsaw

I think what you are experiencing is synchronicity. Generally, said is for you alone unless it spontaneously occurs on it's own, with others to witness.

We see this occur in this thread and others quite regularly.

Veterans if you will...

Synchronicity can be extremely mind bending, but it is hard to prove, and people only SEE it, if they SEE it.

It is not to be forced. It is danced with. If you attempt to manipulate it, it will respond poorly and slow down. There is a way to dance with it where you can create your own, but that is far more advanced.

Dion mentioned to me months ago the '23 17'.

I took it at the time to mean to not allow oneself to start seeing synch everywhere, but to be discerning.

As you can drive yourself half mad if you don't bend with it properly.

I hope this makes sense. As I notice you do not respond to me directly.

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