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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Green Sun Over Egypt

The standard interpretations of Egyptian pyramid texts date from the late 1800's. Nobody at that time had considered even the possibility of a different solar-system order having pertained just 6000 years ago; quite naturally, all explanations given were in terms of present reality, even though the fit could be seen to be a forced one.

A careful reading of these tales leaves no one in doubt that strangeness is being described. Osiris is often described as a "night sun" or "sun of night".

The reference to Osiris as the "night sun" is fairly common. From Ignatius Donelly's "The destruction of Atlantis / Ragnarok, the Age of Fire and Gravel, page 234:

"M. Mariette-Bay says: 'Originally, Osiris is the nocturnal sun; he is the primordial night of chaos; he is consequently anterior to Ra, the sun of day". Mr. Miller says: 'As nocturnal sun, Osiris was also regarded as a type of the sun BEFORE ITS FIRST RISING, or of the primordial night of chaos...'"

which is a bit closer to the kind of thing David Talbott is talking about.

There is a great deal more of the unusual in the character of Osiris; the pyramid texts insist on claiming that the sun they called Osiris was GREEN! Actually, what you will notice looking at the shenbond jewel at the top of this page or at the representations of the Saturn system alignment depicted on the Kronia WWW site, is that humans formerly observed at least three other bodies in a stacked alignment above us, and that one of those (Venus) was blue-green, and hence the light which the entire apparition radiated might well have been greenish. .............
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