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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Greetings Everyone hugs


Doing a drive by today ,, having some severe stomach issues once again :( so having to rest, think when they sprayed for bugs it triggered something). Came across this tho and wanted to share ....

[link to io9.com]


What is a BAM?

Your brain is vast on a cosmic scale. Billions upon billions of neurons communicate with one another via trillions of connections, giving rise to what amounts to a network of networks. Widely adopted (but by no means universally accepted) theories posit that these neural networks are the wellsprings of such complex processes as perception and action. Many neuroscientists believe that a detailed BAM could reveal valuable clues about these and other cognitive functions, and perhaps human consciousness, itself. Columbia University's Rafael Yuste is one of them.

Full size
Yuste is a co-author of a widely circulated BAM project proposal published last July in the journal Neuron, and one of the scientists whose advice the Obama Administration has sought in planning what the NYT characterized as a ten-year, multi-billion dollar undertaking. In an interview with io9, Yuste explained that the ultimate goal of the project is to create what he calls a functional map of the active human brain. "You could argue, in a very simplistic way, that everything that we are, our whole mental world, amounts to nothing more than neural circuits firing [in patterns] throughout the brain," Yuste said. By mapping circuit activity, Yuste thinks researchers can "discover patterns that are the physical representation and origin of mental states of thoughts, for example, or memories."

What did the chicken cross the road?

To boldly go where no chicken had gone before lmao

neuron univ

Love to you All

cosmos heart
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feel good quickly
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