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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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Make sure these foods are raw in my experience and alcohol can be hard on the system. Variety is good. Coconut keifer can be used in place of dairy. Watch coffee and dark tea as they can skew the PH of the lower intestine. There is a valve that can malfunction separating the large and small intestine and allow bacteria to back up into the small intestine. Slippery Elm powder can soothe the intestines to help it heal. Cellulase enzyme can help candida as well as soil based/homeostatic soil organisms. The latter being used for many intestinal difficulties particularly IBS. Use structured spring or structured distilled water. Skip flouride. Be aware of mercury.
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Don't drink wine that much just occasionally and not since my stomach has been messing up.I mainly stick with chamomile tea for now with honey and the occasional shot of acv in it and lots of water. I have slippery elm powder but last time I used it , added to the problem. I found better results with slippery elm bark boiled and made as a tea . Maybe I need to order some more :) Also find that peppermint helps alot as well. I have no problems with PH balance have test strips and when needed have ph drops to add to my water which helps.I Also take a tsp of cold pressed virgin coconut oil everyday. Have backed off on some stuff since this started tho to do trial and error and see if something I was taking set it off.
Thank You for your input hugs hf
Don't knowingly use anything with flouride in it ( did take anti-depressants for years tho and have since worked hard to detox from and for that and mercury as well, but if its in our city water supply then I am still absorbing it thru the shower or bath) Since I cut out white sugar and HFCS from my diet , mainly use (flower)local organic honey or agave nectar for sweetener. I have no candida problems. Actually think I may have a gluten intolerance but need to get tested for it . That can wreak havoc in the small intestines as well.. I try to stick with as fresh as possible when it comes to what I eat. But do risk the occasional pizza LOL have to leave the tomatoes off tho they tear my stomach up :( and they are a favorite of mine . dadgum gmo foods :(
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