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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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In my life I have talked to 2 retired airline pilots...both said they have seen ufos more than once... both have said they kept quiet about it. Never told the higher ups or whoever...but what's interesting is that these two never met each other....but both claim they have seen them with their own eyes. I guess maybe reporting about these things back then was not something a pilot wanted to do...but I guess it was well known back then according to these two that we are not alone...

One of them actually told me that after he had seen these things it was tough to not think about seeing them each time he was on the job...

I had no reason not to believe either one of them...

 Quoting: Spirit666

I have a GREAT story, me having 'contact'.

My father was a helicopter pilot for USAF. He did it for nearly his entire career.

At a young age I asked him if he ever saw UFO's. He would always say 'yes', but there was obviously a normal accounting for what he saw, he just didn't know what it could be. Light reflections, atmospheric disturbances, maneuvering after effects, whatever.

He was/is a very curious type personality, but ALWAYS used to fall back on the 'real'. Military training makes that a necessity.

In our younger years, my dad always was very impressed with my twin brother and I's 'intelligence', and we would discuss Einstein's theories, mainly about light as it the theory breached all laws of physics.

In my late thirties I decided to tell him about ET, as this is something we had discussed before, but always in a hypothetical way. Problem was, at the point I began having experiences, I could explain to him the dynamics, but he could not understand the information. For example, in my early twenties I would discuss quantum theories and he could not 'see' it in his mind's eye. There was no way he could view particle/wave, observation, collapsing wave forms, Schrodinger's Cat, etc.

This was and always has been the mindset of my dad. Until the last few years, when I could talk about 'things' and it was so far over his head, he couldn't envision our conversations anymore. When this happened, I realized it was occurring within my entire family as well. Things that I began talking about, science wise, that was so easy for me to grasp, was beyond their even imagining, and it became VERY difficult to 'play' in this manner anymore.

Wow...tangent. Just typing my thoughts as they come to me.

Anyway, one day I decided to ask him about the Alaskan UFO pilot sighting. It had ALL the cockpit recordings, as well as the tower communications AND a second airplane that verified the sighting through triangulation, time signatures, etc.

My dad was a pilot in Alaska for a number of years (where I was born), and I thought it would be neat to pull up the video of it and ask him about it. For the first time ever, he said he was part of Project Blue Book. He was the head guy that sent all statements of pilot sightings to...shit...to whatever agency it was.

Feedback... = ...circuit complete.

Sorry for the rambling. Just trying to think through it all, and it helps when I write it down to you guys.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

Thank you for sharing with me Sept...that is an amazing story...feedback complete yes...

= hugs


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