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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
Sniff sniff, cleared up a little in here, but senses still tingling.

Hope you feel better soon fringe.

Sorry to dash off fancy, after saying hi, just not getting sucked in to drama and felt it building, see some posts got deleted so am glad me spidey sense's working a ok.

Just thought I would pop in an say good night, am attempting to keep a level head to help myself power up, so confrontation not on my menu, reading or partaking, well not for the moment anyhoo hehehehe.

Thanks for this wonderful thread and great moderation aether, you are doing a fine job.

Would like to say one thing, aether in my opinion is not here to teach, but to uncover, via the feedback, two completely different things, learning happens, but there is no one teacher on this thread I believe, that way leads to peddle stool power, idolization, heart AND mind not either or, both is the way forward, so some here would be wise to think with their heart when using their mind, as this thread is full of teachers, we all know something one of the others don't and vise-verse.

I will leave you with a song as I lay my head on my pillow and go off for a fly.

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