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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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This one too

Voicemail Discovered in Nature: Insects Receive Soil Messages from the Past

A new study now shows that through those same plants insects are also able to leave ‘voicemail’ messages in the soil. Herbivorous insects store their voicemails via their effects on soil fungi.

[link to wakeup-world.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32430667

Insects eating plant roots change the chemical composition of the leaves, causing the plant to release volatile signals into the air. This can convince above-ground insects to select another food plant in order to avoid competition and to escape from poisonous defense compounds in the plant. But the impact doesn’t stop there.

The new research shows that insects leave a specific legacy that remains in the soil after they have fed on a plant. And future plants growing on that same spot can pick up these signals from the soil and pass them on to other insects. Those messages are really specific: the new plant can tell whether the former one was suffering from leaf-eating caterpillars or from root-eating insects. “The new plants are actually decoding a ‘voicemail’ message from the past to the next generation of plant-feeding insects, and their enemies,” recaps NIOO researcher and first author Olga Kostenko. “The insects are re-living the past.” This message from the past strongly influences the growth and possibly also the behavior of these bugs. Today’s insect community is influenced by the messages from past seasons.
 Quoting: observation

think aura and emotional information in local field

it is no different to what we do when we go backwards within earths field(s) and remote sense our past from the emotional information that is within our fields to tell us (memory)
different scales same process

remote sensing backwards has now become lawfull
 Quoting: aether

Wow. blink

That explanation was completely intuitive for me.
 Quoting: Azeratel Axo

fits you like a glove /z\

is the phrase
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