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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Electric Biology

Experiments with electrostatic fields might illuminate biological diversity.

A major problem in biology is the internal motion of proteins. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania using Magnetic Resonance Imaging were surprised to discover that the calmodulin protein molecule possesses an internal "jitter" that shakes it billions of times per second. This revelation led them to conclude that it is not merely the complex folded shape of such molecules that affects their function, but their internal movement.

According to Dr. Joshua Wand, “The situation is akin to the discussion in astrophysics in which theoreticians predict that there is dark matter, or energy, that no one has yet seen.”

Where the internal energy necessary for protein binding comes from is unknown at the present time, but it seems likely, based on research with electrostatic fields on various organisms, that there is an electrical component to the source. Cell walls are arranged in a double layer configuration with positive and negative ion channels built-in.

A book called The Primeval Code (Der Urzeit-Code) was recently published in Switzerland, detailing experiments that demonstrate how a changing electric field can alter gametes so much that new species are created.

According to author Luc Bürgin, "In laboratory experiments the researchers there Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an 'electrostatic field' – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows..................
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[link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: aether

while our belief department ponders "tree/flower" label sequence

whatever is decided to call this:


it is electrostatic in nature
 Quoting: aether

and being electrostatic in design /z\, it behaves differently to electromagnetic designed this \z/ :

 Quoting: aether

hovering around this

which comes first:
electrical breakdown (sparkover) or electrical separation forces?
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