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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle acuk
Post Content

Good morning
Are you trying to kick start my cravings once again?

They have just stopped.


Another good thing to help the body get back to original balance is alkaline water, it restores the natural ph balance, acidity is a root cause of the thrive of cancer, I had jug but filters have run out, need to purchase more, as tummy is feeling acidic at the moment.

[link to ebook.water-for-health.net]
 Quoting: acuk 35420317

good morning

strangely maybe i have spent this morning thus far rolling through my altering personality expressions over linear time within this magnetosphere whilst matching the expression i formed into with current off line events i am experiencing this day and settling into how i much i like what i have become and the sense my environment in making
as in:
looking back all fits how and why i become this me this time this way

this /z\ was prompted by you yesterday
 Quoting: aether

The only way to truly know ones self is to look at ones self.

You and me are very alike, I mimic others energy patterns and do not know I am until I go over what I wrote/said/did/ yet you retain a more core structure of you, to retain, as you, while expressing the energy patterns of others, where as I have often lost myself in the flow, then struggle to find me amongst the the swirl, yet with the realization and discussion with you of what we do, I find I know myslef that bit more.... Feedback.

Had chat with dion last night, re read post this morning, I took on his signature, yet was unaware of it last night, but this morning my own feedback tells me if I am aware in the doing while doing, it will not express in the manner desired.

Thankful for the feedback, I see it so clear in you as a sign of what I do, love to you bro, bbl, dog walking time, gonna go hug a tree.
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