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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle acuk
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 Quoting: aether

I relate with this more than you understand, we are synchronizing nice at the moment, I like it.

My sister recently passed away from bowel cancer, well it had spread throughout her system but started in the bowels, she was miss diagnosed as having ibs for several years.

After her operation and chemo she was in recovery, yet her attitude was atrocious, she was... not to seem mean to a dead person even though she is my sister, but she was extremely negative and moany, and diet was a battle between us, I tried to put her on a raw food diet and make her fresh juices daily, but lead a horse to water and all that, we even grew some weed to make oils for her but were too late by the time they cropped, I sensed the effect this had,(attitude) explained how cancer thrives in acidic places and the attitude and bad vibes she is giving off will create acid in her stomach, a week later she was rushed in to hospital and after some tests told that loads of tumors had appeared all over her gut region, even though I alkaline water was being used daily, if attitude and positive thought had been implemented even after the abuse body took from chemo she could have made it a while longer at least, no regrets or pain here :) just showing the sync and understanding I have on the subject, death for me is not something to fear, it is a transition, once out of body flight has been achieved death is never looked upon the same again.

Nice sync with the clips bro.
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