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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
i got the impression his synergy is formed by the motion (juggling) he sustains within the emotion of sequential thought/visuals in the cube
he likes the emotional affect of the two cos it prompts him to see other things differently which will make more sense later in linear time as in:
he is exploring their meanings

the stacker was focused on velocity of singular pattern thus synergy motivation different

is how it feels
 Quoting: aether

Both are feats of motor skill and attention. Both have an audience while doing said.

Audience expressing deserved accolades at their success at said practiced skill.

What it the motivation to stack cups the fastest?


I would be willing to bet it is the feeling of being able to move almost as fast as the Mind and almost in absence of it...Having done it so many times before.

 Quoting: Seer777

yes it`s the same process
the first guy has worked out by increasing the velocity of his thoughts he slows down his environment thus he is able to sustain rotation (juggle) , express coherent complex design transfer (cube) and acknowledge/respond to his audience (tri force) simultaneously
we all do it all the time but never notice cos we are responding to visible signs of processes (patterns) of repetitive nature thus our thought velocity by habit is matched to the prompts the repeat patterns provide thus we don`t think about it therefore our thought velocity never alters, it stays at the velocity that by habit responds the the repeat habit patterns
both guys have increased thought velocity to step outside the repeat pattern habit thus see everything slow enough to accurately do that which seems unlikely to be true
the first guy seems like he is getting a feel for velocity is the key to all we see
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