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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Was looking for ya Nico, haven't found anything yet, but came apon this website that has some interesting stuff:

[link to www.aquiziam.com]

I'll post the first one but the rest are just as good:


There can be no doubt that ancient civilizations were aware of static electricity even if they may not have fully understood it. They also appreciated the godlike power of lightning and must have been curious to observe this effect replicated in miniature when the fur of a cat was rubbed against certain materials in a darkened room. The effects of static electricity were first recorded by a Greek philosopher, Thales of Miletus, who lived between 624 BC and 546 BC. He is said to have experimented with amber, which the Greeks referred to as Elektron, and cat fur to create an electrical discharge as well as magnetism. From this observation a simple machine consisting of two spinning disks, one covered with leopard fur and one coated with glass or amber could be connected to gold axles and foil strips which would produce an electrical charge capable of generating sparks several inches in length.

The 7th and 10th stand out to me as well.
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