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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
fancey you joined me in dream last night
i was at a familiar hotel in a unknown country and normally when i am in this place the dream becomes complex and sometimes annoys me so i wake up
as in frustrating things keep occurring and i lose patience and stop the dream
this time you turned full of jokes , laughter and general good humor which instantly lightened me up
you took me to the back of the hotel to a large outside open air theater which was full of seated audience and you and i went near the front and enjoyed a comedy show
i don`t remember the content of it but remember being nicely surprised of this aspect of the hotel and woke up at the natural end to the dream feeling this is more like it, this is what this trip was meant to feel like
 Quoting: aether

you were about 5ft 2" tall, 30 ish, slim, past shoulder length straight thick black hair and a big smile
 Quoting: aether

Really? lol, I've been told I smile a lot. I'm 5'4 (always wished for 5'9, lol)but do have thick dark hair. Looks black in regular light but in sunlight is dark brown. haha! That is so funny! I had weird dreams last night. Something about a metal ship I found in a cubbyhole, like a toy that fits in your palm, and when you pulled the middle of it, it popped up into a huge ship bigger than a house. And was told in the dream it was worth 3.3 million, which was weird!
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