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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
good day,, fancy,, see7,, aether,, ss and all,,

this one has found the terms within the film donie darko to be interesting indeed,,

within the film there is a quoted book "the philosphy of time travel"

whilst not a real publication outside of that interpretation,, the words are wonderful indeed,,

"time travel requires water and metal",,

"the artifact is usually metal",,

tangent universe's,,

" the living receiver is chosen too guide the artifact into posistion for its journey back to the primary universe,,

no one knows how or why a receiver will be chosen,,

the living receiver is often blessed with fourth dimensional powers,, these include,, increased strength,, telekenisis,, mind control and the ability to conjour fire and water within the tangent universe,,

cellar door,,

the manipulated dead will set an ensurance trap,,

the living receiver must ensure the fate of all mankind",,

simply a film yet interesting words indeed,,

much love,,
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good afternoon
i understand that
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