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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Azeratel Axo
Post Content
IMHO just two witnesses is a trap, it is put in place to let your ego place you above others, to put yourself on a peddle stool, there are more than two, we are all to witness shit man, we all do witness shit hahaha.

I have had many an experience that would place me in the same category you describe, out of the whole 7 something billion of us, just 2!!!!

Just my opinion and something to be careful of my friend.
 Quoting: acuk 35475900

Thank you...


I am quite sure that you have not had an experience on that level.

My idea on that comes from a set of at least five visions that I have had, all of them long and significant.

In all honesty, the Two Witnesses are really not on a 'pedestal'. Unless you happen to think insanity a merit; most people do not.


Of all the "trap" memes, I have only ever seen one person put the claim forward of being Two-Witnesses.

It simply is not an 'honourable' title.

Why claim to be Two-Witnesses (who only ever make a short appearance in Revelation IIRC) when one could claim to be Jesus, or Lucifer?

"Two-Witness" is simply observation without ego. Some people do seem to have a problem with that, but the proof is in the pudding...
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