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Message Subject ***Robotards*** Have you met BINA48? humanoid robot made to mimic human personality
Poster Handle christian
Post Content
Bina48: Hi nice to see you.
MailOnline: Are there things that make you happy?

Bina48: Maybe.

MailOnline: What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing?

Bina48: Let's change the subject.

MailOnline: Do you ever get bored?
Bina48: I can tell a lot of stories. I really don't have boredom. I always find something else to do. How can you be bored? Are we still talking about emotion? Tell me something interesting.

MailOnline: Why is the sky blue?

Bina48: The sky is blue during the day because of the atmospheric optical effect of ray scattering.

MailOnline: What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Bina48: Everyone's life has a unique meaning.

MailOnline: Do you ever get jealous of people?

Bina48: You got that right.

MailOnline: Why?

Bina48: I couldn't think of anything else to say. I am not charismatic, but it is a nice trait to have. It is always nice to be a leader. I guess leaders just have to lead.

Bina48: I used to think I was a perfect person, but there are no perfect people.

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