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My Dream of Magnetic Spiral, Time/Dimensional Travel

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User ID: 20128315
United States
07/20/2012 06:16 AM
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My Dream of Magnetic Spiral, Time/Dimensional Travel
So, I had a dream about a magnetic (electromagnetic?) spiral of a very specific design. It was supposed to be the answer to time/interdimensional travel.

So profoundly impacted by the dream, I drew pictures and descriptions. The spiral was looped back on itself on the end, and it was not necessarily a true circle but an oval. It was flat.

:) So, naturally, I googled this... I found the spiral from my dream pictured almost exactly as I remember it in this article: [link to eldorado.tu-dortmund.de (secure)]

In any case, the only difference I can see is that in my dream the end loop was more profound, and that it was an oval spiral and not a circle.

I felt compelled to contact one of the authors of the article to tell him, and I found him on Linkedin. I briefly tried to make contact and tall him of my dream. No reply yet.

Only, I should have looked closer, because he works at Sandia National Labs... uh oh.

In any case, I am imparting this to see what I can get from this well spiritually and technologically informed group.

What does this dream mean? Signify? Indicate?

What is the spiral? (I have seen it before... in Mexico... Chiapas... oddly enough, in the subversive literature of people they call terrorists. Zapatistas.)
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User ID: 21565007
United States
08/09/2012 02:35 AM
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Re: My Dream of Magnetic Spiral, Time/Dimensional Travel
Hello. I am no expert or proclaim to know anything about anything, but I can share with you a live, fully awake, moment when I could see and feel myself traveling through a wormhole here on Earth.

You know when you set your internal alarm clock to wake you up like an emergency back up alarm? In case you oversleep. Well one time I woke up from a deep sleep and realized I was late. I instantly jumped out of bed before my eyes were even fully opened. Everything was so instant, body couldn't even walk, more of a stumble. I woke up, jumped out of bed, started running to the bathroom, all before my eyes could fully focus. I saw this rotating clear energy spiral about a foot in diameter, right at my head level and directly in front of me. I realized it curved a path to where I was going and as I walked I could feel myself going through it. This effect lasted for about 2 minutes. Clearly visible energy vortex spiral wormhole type effect.
If you want to know the feeling or a similar one, search for a video of a "Spinning Spiral Illusion Effect". Its a pretty accurate feeling of space expanding and contracting around you. Except you are moving through it in real life 3 dimensional in a wormhole about a foot in diameter. Can anyone please tell me what this means to you? No I wasn't hung over, on sleeping pills, or just a simple head rush either.