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Message Subject REPORTS: Aurora Shooting Suspect Named James Holmes
Poster Handle A Pimp Named Slick Back
Post Content
Yeah, watch the usually locals leave this one alone now. Or they blame it on mind control. No, this is a white guy, that is destructive, like most of his ilk. This is an act of their kind.
 Quoting: A Pimp Named Slick Back 3937388

Right - other races have never done this sort of thing. More racist Ad hominem from the ignorant.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 578151

Am I wrong, will they not do as I said? Just calling it what it is. The difference between myself and them, is that I understand that there is an inherit destructive nature in humanity (especially with the "civilization" that has been spread around the world), though some are more destructive than others. The people I'm speaking about act like this is an outlier of their kind, while it is common with others.
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