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07/20/2012 10:32 AM
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By Rosie
Jul 19, 2012 - 10:56:58 PM


Seraphin through Rosie, 19th July 2012


To you who blunder through the darkness, in despair of finding your way, in despair of being blessed with abundance, in despair of experiencing the lasting closeness and support called LOVE a word screamed on your earth from many corners but barely encountered in its entirety we say OPEN YOUR EYES TOWARDS THE LIGHT WHICH IS YOUR GOAL. TAKE THE DIVINE HAND, LOOK INTO THE DIVINE EYES, DRINK THE WORDS FROM DIVINE LIPS AND HEAR THE WORDS OF DIVINE COMFORT.

Some will continue to blunder helplessly. They will ask WHERE IS THIS DIVINE BEING WHO CAN GUIDE ME ON MY PATH? And the answer will be EVERYWHERE and INSIDE YOURSELF. Attune your ears, dear children on earth, to the divine whisperings which sound when you go into stillness, shutting out exterior noises and distractions. Sharpen your eyes, for you shall see signs of divinity in every hint, every chance occurance, every freak storm, every breath of intuition, every surge of gratitude and joyfulness.

To you who walk the darkness in suspicion and critical stance, pausing at every possible juncture to voice displeasure and accusation, we ask you to pause your judgement also, and to ponder your contribution to the smooth transition to peaceful living. Do you wish to live in a society comprising of many individuals like yourself, pacing to and fro in anger, raising a pointed finger? While a critical stance is essential to perceiving the roots of imbalance and mismanagement and corruption, do not forget to respect that everyone is on their very own personal journey.

To those who make a great show of walking through the darkness with large impressive steps saying THIS IS THE WAY, holding huge lamps and asking for donations for fuel along the way, we would ask you to examine your motives, reduce your egos and tend to the welfare of your fellow travellers instead of lining your pockets, for the true light cannot be reached BUT THROUGH YOUR OWN MERIT.

To those who take tiny steps, or who rest immobilised, paralysed by fear, we ask you to take courage, to take your lives into your own hands, to determine your own destinies and free yourselves from the fetters of those who have intentionally incarcerated you for their own pleasure in prisons made to YOUR OWN SPECIFICATIONS. A world of wonder awaits you, if you can but conceive that this life you lead is a life in which YOU HAVE BEEN LED. REDFINE YOUR DEFINITION OF FREEDOM, which means limitless abundance, limitless love for others, limitless potential, limitless exploration and experimentation, IF IN ALIGNMENT WITH DIVINE STATUTES IF FOR THE BENEFIT OF HUMANITY IF FOR A PURPOSE GREATER THAN YOURSELVES.

To those in fear: step into your own lives and put yourselves first IN ORDER TO ENJOY THE HAPPINESS OF SERVING OTHERS AND PUTTING THEM FIRST.

To those who sail blissfully, in full awareness of the light, in full knowledge of the prevailing darkness at this time, we say YOU WILL HAVE A LIGHT PASSAGE in comparison with those who still carry their pain before them. To the already lighted ones we say REMEMBER YOUR MISSION. EXTEND YOUR ASSISTANCE TO THE TRAVELLERS YOU MEET ON YOUR PATH. FOR YOUR PATH IS ALSO THEIR PATH, THOUGH YOU MAY MOVE AT DIFFERENT PACES, AND YOUR GOAL WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME: TO EXIT THE NIGHT, FORMED BY YOUR OWN DARKNESS, AND TO ENTER LOVING FULFILLMENT AND ETERNAL DAY.

This journey is always divine, however long it takes. You ALWAYS have the potential to complete it, depending on how long it takes TO RECOGNISE YOU HAVE THAT POTENTIAL AND TO ACT UPON IT. You may break the journey, you may take detours, in this life or the next, but as you have eternity at your disposal, THERE IS NO WAY OF NOT ARRIVING. SO WHY NOT DO IT IN STYLE? QUIT THE COMPROMISING, THINK BIG, THROW OUT EVERYTHING WHICH DOES NOT COMPLY WITH YOUR GREATEST VISION FOR YOUR EARTH, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, AND DANCE DRUNKEN WITH THE DIVINE TO THE FINISHING LINE.

This piece is under copyright protection of [link to www.abundanthope.net] It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, Candace.