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You shall see 'angels' ascending and descending upon you..

Beyond Space/Time
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United States
07/20/2012 11:21 AM
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You shall see 'angels' ascending and descending upon you..
When Jesus came to earth, he had more chance to be a channel and to show people what being a channel could really be for them also. His advantage was that he was not born of a woman, but of the Holy Spirit (God Consciousness). So, essentially, he got a 'jump start' in the way he was born and was thus able to demonstrate to others what they could be also. . He even said "these things I do, you shall do also".

After he was baptized in the river jordan, a dove was seen descending on him and a voice from heaven (all because god-consciosness wanted to advertise him to the people) as they didn't have mass media t.v. back then.

Then, an 'angel' told John the baptizer that he would see 'angels' ascending and descending upon him (Jesus) from here- on out into the future of his earthly life.

What were these 'angels'? They are messengers or messages. If angels with wings exist or not is not important here. We may call them 'intuitive messages' or 'messages from god-consciousness. These messages are for you to.

More at-
[link to mysite.verizon.net]
the white rose

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United States
07/20/2012 04:04 PM
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Re: You shall see 'angels' ascending and descending upon you..
Has any one on this forum ever seen a Angel ?

have you ?
Quoting: ===+++%%%^^^^^^&&& 1396574

Some of them here claim they have. Some may have even thought they did.

However, it comes down to this:

Since angels do not exist, these people are simply suffering a delusion. Like the people who claim to have interacted with jesus or god.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1343060

You would say you have no proof that The Creator and His Angels exist,I would say you have no proof that They do not.I however do have proof.Back in 1975 I lived in the "WET mountains" in southern Colorado,across the valley from the "SANGRE DI CRISTO" mountains ,The Blood of Christ mountains.One night we saw an amber light come up from our horizon,at first we thought it was a satellite.When we saw a second light a few minutes later we said it can not be a satellite maybe it is a flying saucer. Then we decided that if another light came we would all hold hands and think the same thought and send it tel-apathetically to the next light if another came.We decided to ask are you coming for us soon,with the additional thought that if we received any recognition we would consider it a positive response to our question.The third light came and blinked off for a split second and went on its way,now we are amazed and thinking wow we just communicated with an Extra Terrestrial.Than another light came and another total of SEVEN,we communicated with two of the seven.Some time later,a few days or so I took a photograph as we were driving towards the general direction of where the lights seemed to originate from and noticed years later there was something unusual on the photograph,it was a torpedo shape of light making a hard right turn and was moving so fast that it showed up as two connected images as it made the turn.Years later I found out about the "URANTIA BOOK" and found in its pages a description of "TRANSPORTER ANGELS" "a torpedo shape of amber light! Thirty years later I climbed the western face of the mountain I ascertained was the one and took another photo,bear in mind while I was taking the photos I saw nothing in the sky!I still have these photographs and my personal experience of 1975 and my experience of July 5,1984 that I speak of in other threads and posts,such as,Death is Survivable ,or The truth of what it means to be enraptured and what I experienced in 1984!GOD IS LIVING LIGHT AND SO ARE HIS ANGELS!Over the years I have shown these photographs to hundreds of people with the description in the "URANTIA BOOK" ALL WERE AMAZED. the white rose
You must seek experiential growth if you would see what is unseen to most.