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Message Subject SyFy channel sucks now
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I agree with the OP too.

I noticed the decline in quality even before the SciFi/SyFy change, but it definitely accelerated after that. I often wondered why all of the really low-grade 'horror' films and other junk like wrestling was put on the channel. Some Sci-Fiers are into horror, but most of the folks I know are not; definitely not wrestling or the other C-grade or minus material that they have now.

It's all so degrading. Sci-Fi as a genre used to be interesting, futuristic, and reaching for something new. The SyFy channel is degrading. I feel like my IQ goes down when I watch it.

I find myself speculating that this is part of a trend across the media to dumb-down folks and promote a culture of violence.

Too bad... The media could have lifted humanity and taken us to better things. Instead it's all the lowest common denominator and going down from there.

Work in your garden, listen to an audio book, and marvel at the natural world around you instead.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17893686

Agree 110%. Could not have said it better myself especially the part where you say that the media could have been used to uplift humanity. It's almost like the cabal wanted us dumbed down and that's why they put crap on tv instead of wholesome stuff. The world could be a utopia if not for the evil shit that they keep feeding us. Have you noticed that all movies now have a bad ending where the evil-doers succeed? Serial killers that live on to kill another day are the flavor of the moment, it seems.
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