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Message Subject SyFy channel sucks now
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
If they're out of ideas, they're out of idea. That's where WE STEP IN!

Sending emails suggesting ideas is a good start.

All those shows I listed could have an entire show about how and why they were made, where are they now? and any plans to revive or further them.

Even shows like in search of, could be revitalised in this manner, but showing part of the original, and injected a 'what we now know' ending - or leaving some a true mystery!

None of that would be expensive to do.

Completely agree with cutting out craop low budget films, in favour of furthering unfinished series etc.

It can be done. Farscape was revived in this manner!

Hoping SGU goes that way too. (and Defying Gravity dammit!)
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