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Message Subject SyFy channel sucks now
Poster Handle Baltar
Post Content
I used to love the History Channel until it became redneck central. Now, finding a show that actually has some historical basis to it is very difficult. Pawn Stars? Really? Ice Road Truckers was cool the first time around but do I really want to watch all those douchebags driving up and down some mountain in South America as part of a different reality show? Now H2, formerly History International, has the historical shows while History Channel has nothing but reality crap. Then again, History networks is also run by NBC. Surprise, surprise. It seems like NBC networks are all shitty. Fire everybody and start over.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19168269

NBC = GE , General Electric

GE = Department of Defense major military contractor

GE, the nation's largest corporation, has had years where they paid ZERO in taxes despite earning billions:

[link to www.washingtonpost.com]

Some say GE is part of the shadow governnment

Their ownership of NBC is anything but hands off

[link to www.herinst.org]

So what is their social agenda? One can only guess, but it doesn't seem to include a more enlightened, educated and critically thinking public

JMHO of course, and I too miss the old History Channel and SciFi channel where occasionally the most surprising and interesting documentaries appeared...gave up on both quite a few years back, as well as most TV, but I do remember they were once good
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