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Message Subject SyFy channel sucks now
Poster Handle Cosmicwind73
Post Content
I got to weigh in on this one as well. SyFy sucks so much ass it's almost unbelievable!!!

The last idiotic/retarded movie I saw was, "Rage of the Yeti," "Yeti Rampage," "Bid bad Yeti", or some bullshit combination of the above, I forget.

Anyway, while watching said Yeti movie one night with my six year old daughter (who loved it by the way) asked me: "Dad, do you think there will be any baby Yetis in this movie?" I said, "I don't know probably not" Low and behold, the next scene involved a den of baby yetis that needed to be rescued, blown up, or captured for 'scientific research'. I can't remember which.

The point is, my daughter could be writing the scripts that pass for movies on this sorry excuse of a network! At the very least they could rerun the x-files.

Cripes man!!!!!!!!!!
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