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Message Subject SyFy channel sucks now
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
A 'crawl' through science fiction history would be fantastic.

Start with that movie with the rocket ship stuck in the moon's eye, Flash Gordon etc, and crawl all the way up to present.

The more interactive they made the experience, the mpore they would see what we like, and want.

For series, they could air eps 1 & 2 as a teaser, or if they did have a pilot ep, that.

I would 110% sit through a marathon of that.

If they were really smart they would get merchandising sorted prior, at least from a planning stage, and supplier stage, and do just in time, or manufacture to order.

Imagine being able to buy original Hulk, 6 Million Dollar Man, Blake's 7, U.F.O. or Shado T-shirts etc?

We're the tards who stay up to 1am in order to watch a show bumped from 9pm slot to 10pm, to 11pm etc. We are sci-fi tragics and a market not really well tapped in to.
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