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Message Subject Nordic aliens warned humanity about race mixing and 3rd world population explosion
Poster Handle William_the_Bloody
Post Content

Just when I thought that the racists couldn't get any more retarded, they bring the alien equation into it.

WOW...now we're going to turn the aliens into a bunch of racist idiots just like the peanut gallery down here huh?

Space and time is much LARGER than race. Within the infinity of the ALL which is not limited by the thoughts of ants pretending to be men, there is NO ROOM for this type of archaic, earth-BOUND drivel. And you better be careful who you THINK you're speaking for because more ears and eyes are paying attention THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE.

 Quoting: Serenity777

Different races are different. To argue against that is foolish.

Same is true of Breeds of Dog. You wouldn't herd your sheep with a schnauser, though there might just be a schnauser out there that would do a good job.

It's not racist to identify these differences, nor is it racist to suggest that different types/clans of Aliens created the different stocks of human beings.

Now, if the Aliens created one particular stock to oversee them all, one might aruge that it's not racist to recognize that *that* race is literally superior, created for that purpose.

Racism is "I hate you because you are X" (Where X = Race)
Racism is "I deny you this because you are X"

It's not about hate or denial.

It's about making observations and noting statistics.

If truth is denied because it sounds "Racist" than we might as well just eliminate all truth for fear it might offend someone.
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