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Message Subject Nordic aliens warned humanity about race mixing and 3rd world population explosion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Nordic's are from the Pleiades system and tried to warn us back in the 50, but we blew them off since they didn't want to share their technology with us, hence we went with the Gray's since they gave us a few saucers but no fuel. Now we are the slaves to the Gray's. The Nordic's are our true sky brothers and warned us from experience, now the world is over run, too many people and not enough food. We are not helping each other grow, we only seek or assist the downfall of our fellow man... They had it right all along!
 Quoting: enki2012

Truth^^^ and the greys are slaves as well. Well more like unfaltering servants.

Why do you think most (secret) societies that have been in contact with the Nordics or other non servant races have communicated that there are too many people on this planet?

A) because they care about the survival of our physical bodies.

B) because this planet has a limited amount of physical resources and they are interested in them.

C) Because the planet has a limited amount of ethereal energy and they want us to be able to distribute a larger quantity for USE.

D) They wish to keep us from obtaining a state of being where the ethereal energy is so limited that we will inevitably learn to create or exponentiate what is available.


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