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Message Subject Nordic aliens warned humanity about race mixing and 3rd world population explosion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well the message does make sense.

Whatever your views on race are the fact is that severe overpopulation in Sub-Sahara Africa and Asia is going to be a real problem. It can kill us all of it gets too much out of hand. Instead of putting in some measures we have people continuously feeding and lending themselves to more African population explosions.

This creates misery and future starvation. To help the Negroids is too hurt the natural environment and mother earth. It is very evil and gives a powerful negative energy. The jewish people who push this know they create negativity and misery with their evil. That is part of their plan.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10121589

you need to do you research, black people are the first original people on the earth. which make them closer to the god, also that something The white Free masons don't want to tell" oops did I do that!!!!!!! They worship Islam on the 32 or 33 degree, so all you blind whites people who are being fooled by your own people to hate blacks for reason you don't understand , think do your history , there are things that are being held away from society and the world because black people are the cream of the crop, like cattle once was. they will always be worth more because they are closer to this earth Africa and all the amazing species that come out of there, along with the oils & metals, diamonds etc. Think common sense, so we need to show them some respect, but maybe its to late mother nature is crying out from all the carbons the white man burn up into our world. god is awaiting taking his time ready to lash out for destroying his children keeping them in captivity and abusing the world, doing evil experiments that has nothing to do with good. The real crimanals aginst mother nature, read your bilbe everything is recorded, but sorry you people in society don't have the real bible lol.. King James Doesn't count, that is something full of lies. black people are being tricked, used and abused for a good reason. but like the bible say his children will once more rise up. Meaning they will be awaking by the truth: thanks to social media, once again the white man is being greedy, moving to fast making mistakes that god is watching. To bad white people don't listen. they rather always be the one to do all the telling. God said not to do this and that, white said screw you I'm doing it anyway. so they thinks that god isn't real, they still confused about a lot so that's why technology, modern food , Drugs & more is out of control leading to a world of pure evil & dealth that will destroy them instead of saving them, Egypt is on the dollar bill for a reason, Egypt is in Africa Mr. White man thats know everything.. watch what you say, my father is waiting to judge you when the time come. you see you been tricked by your own people for a very good reason. Once again the government is not in control. Truth about who black people are is very amazing and some what scary. so maybe that why the us government keeps finding ways to keep them occupied with none-sense & keeping them in poverty. its only clear to keep them asleep as long as they can, but cant sleep forever people have to wake up to begin the day. a day that god returns his off-spring on earth, a people who has tremendous amounts of melin in the skin to protect them from the sun. people of the sun, the moon ,the stars earth and people in Africa have longer life spans because they still carry on natural ways to survive since their parents. unlike white who had to be taught by the negro people how to cook , clean their bodyies etc. no don't belive it huh, I know you wont anyway you been program to do so, that was another mistake steeling passed down knowledge of god, skills that were giving to his children. then the white man used them to also build to begin a new civilization in the west which will be come the most power country on earth that will have symbols of the truth printed right on the money lol.... bold , now that's whats I call evil.
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