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Message Subject Nordic aliens warned humanity about race mixing and 3rd world population explosion
Poster Handle Salsa Junco
Post Content
The Nordic features are widely considered the most attractive.

If the different race were all part of an ET experiment aimed at proving which traits would eventually lead to world dominance, they sure fouled up the Negro batch.

It seems that giving a race of people resistance to sunlight and an intense desire to muh-dik and murder each other hasn't panned out real well...

Caucasoid's have done very well!

Asiatics are the most populous.

Negroids are still swinging from the trees and smoking anti retro-viral drugs.

Native Americans have made some nice advances in Casino gambling and Junk bond finance.
 Quoting: Dan B 179491

the Mesoamericans also are great at organizing communist revolutions and overthrowing the revolution they had last week. Also they make good tacos.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2094322

they dont even organize the revolutions, Russia does.

then the US organizes the counter-revolutions.
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