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Message Subject Nordic aliens warned humanity about race mixing and 3rd world population explosion
Poster Handle Salsa Junco
Post Content
You can't discuss such topics with non-white people. Because they don't like to be inferior. Actually, nobody likes being inferior. Therefore, even if non-whites realize that whites (or blond Nordic aliens in this case) are better in something, in particular higher IQ, they still feel offended, disappointed, so they ... will deny everything. Strange but so true
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10373366

Jews also have this problem with non-Jews. People are unwilling to accept Jewish superiority.

See if white people want to understand what it's like to be Black, look at it from the perspective of Jews. Jews are more successful, more intelligent, their women are more attractive, and just generally they win everything. How do you react? you claim theyre cheating at everything, you demand irrational equality, and generally you just hate them, even though they are the source of practically all your wealth.

So basically use this analogy:

whites are to blacks
jews are to gentiles.

and you'll gain a lot of understanding of these issues.
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