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Message Subject Nordic aliens warned humanity about race mixing and 3rd world population explosion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Nordic's are from the Pleiades system and tried to warn us back in the 50, but we blew them off since they didn't want to share their technology with us, hence we went with the Gray's since they gave us a few saucers but no fuel. Now we are the slaves to the Gray's. The Nordic's are our true sky brothers and warned us from experience, now the world is over run, too many people and not enough food. We are not helping each other grow, we only seek or assist the downfall of our fellow man... They had it right all along!
 Quoting: enki2012

I agree, yeah.. dumb elite were easily scammed by the greys, who are basically gangsters themselves as well. Birds of a feather y'see.
Nordics aloft 'we told you so, but would you listen.. nahhh!' It has to be said, the Nordics are not very good at advertising themselves or campaigning on our behalf are they? So the Nordics can't be very bright either then? Pointless stopping the odd driver in the road to say 'Hi, we got this warning, go & tell everyone,' when nobody is going to believe them or be remotely interested in their claims, not.. without proof! Do the Nordics not have a video camera, even mobile phone with a camera..! even take over the Broadcast system like I saw them do in 1977 during news at ten. Mind you, nobody took that seriously either, we all thought it was just some other TV station interfering. The Nordic TV broadcast engineer was rubbish! hope he was sacked! Ash-'tard' Commander was shit too, probably gave his Uncle.. the job of TV engineer.. sigh.

Nordics need to get their act together if they've to get their message across. Some good looking Nordic lassies on TV, with their 3D graphics in multi-earth languages explaining stuff in a nutshell & how to sort this shit out.

The greys, obviously don't give a shit about us.. & are far!! from bright. Being an advanced civilized race from another planet/realm means having love, empathy, concern for others, down to earth.. or whatever their planet is, non violent, not just be logical & technical hive minded know all clones without a soul/mind of their own.

We've enough bloody insects on this planet thank you, so the grey insects can take their mates home too.. to leave us & the Nordics to clean up after the wild party & do an Earth make over job. New technology WILL HAVE TO!!!! go hand in hand with non-religious, party political tribing.. personal spiritual development, not some security centralized/compartmentalized system.. that won't work. Everything.. has to be out in the open with sensitive tech observed closely.

I dunno what to believe anymore! from Dr. Karla Turner to Stephen Greer, to all those characters I've seen present speeches or publications/movies on the subject.. it's a mind field of lies, mixed truths & deceptions out there.

I'm not religious at all, but have been building a personal inner relationship with .. ?? not gonna say.. God.. as such.. but a Universal/God-head creator, the closest description to what I 'imagine' a super conscious to be, I guess would be Krishna/Vishnu.. tho' errr.. minus the religious part of it. I cannot believe God/creator? is remotely interested in anything as dumb & petty as religion any way! he/she/it/everything/everywhere, smallest/biggest etc.. would be way!! above that, not ever created in the first place, will ever be destroyed, is purely independent from linear time/space.. AS IS.. ISBE.. is the 'generator/architect.' There is ONE big not 'measurable' space, compartmentalized into multiverses with 'time' generated by linear movement of energy under observation.
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