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a post replying to the "Revolution Poll"...... please read if you are seriously considering action

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07/20/2012 10:13 PM
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a post replying to the "Revolution Poll"...... please read if you are seriously considering action

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy
 Quoting: Sledster

I agree with you men that our elected or illegally placed leaders has betrayed us .......I will try and put a little reality to what Kennedy said.....we must remember that we are quoting the words of someone that unable to even overthrow Castro and the tiny country of Cuba because the Elites in the CIA betrayed him at the last minute and pulled back the planned US support at the bay of pigs......Kennedy was going to overhaul the CIA because of this treasonous act and most importantly he was going to abolish the Federal Reserve completely ...it's was Executive Order 1110 and The US treasury had already under his order printed off and put into circulattion 4 billion in US treasury notes that was backed by silver bullion and then the Eletists assainated him because of it......our own President was powerless against them.....here's a link

[link to www.john-f-kennedy.net]

Lincoln too ....he was going to reunite the South back to its previous legal standing and re-establish the Republic and the Powers that be didn't want that so they Assainated him and the US became a corporation

just because Kennedy authored an inspiring quote about Revolution dosent make it literally possible in 2012 .....remember ...this isn't the 1700s....if it was possible to successfully pull off a revolution against a modern Goverment dont you think the Russians would of accomplished this years ago .....the US goverment has at their fingertips .....Internet surveillance ..phone taps...drones...unlimited resources.....manpower...advanced military weaponry ....we have no idea what kinda weapon capabilities our Goverment truly has...they were working on the stealth fighter in the 50s....Satellite tracking from space.....inferred tracking.....

As of 2009 there was approx 941,000 active military personnel within the US mainland

How would you deal with all these men

don't expect to many US citizens to help......if a lunatic opens fire in a room of over 200 human beings that posses free will .......you would think that at least a couple of Men would show some courage and bring this nut down....yet the only thing that the majority of males in America today know how to do is be more sensitive to the child molester cause he had a bad daddy growing up or be more intune with their delicate feelings .....listen to Justin Beiber while they get there eyebrows waxed......

Or maybe they are just lazy slobs that live off mom,and dad and play video games all day long and make sure they take their antidepressants in the morning and in the evening

or maybe they just live off of you and me in the form of entitlement spending

the few rugged men that there is ought there isn't a lot .....if you have been considering taking aggressive action then you are prob one of these few rugged men of conviction left in this nation

Your intention would be noble but I believe that you have absolutely no chance of succeeding ....this isn't about being me being a pessimist .....this is about reality .....this isn't a football game where you can just Rah Rah the boys up and git-r-done

This is real life .... you would fail and then you would give the goverment the unquestionable political and legal cover they would need to make it a completely Tolitarian existence for the rest of us.....infact they probably want people to revolt so they could completely strip every constituional freedom away from us that we still enjoy

it's not just this goverment that you would have to contend with anyways ....you think that Russia would just let comman US citizens overthrow its goverment and not try and take it for herself ?....if not them what about China?.....what about Isreal? .....there would be a high probability that America would be invaded by foreign nationalists


below I will share a few spiritual things that has helped me tremendously

I present these in a way that would hopefully be inoffensive to any one

in my simple minded opinion ......

live your life to the best of your abilities

it's already been prophesied how it good will prevail in the End.....mere human will power is not enough anymore....this is 2012 ....this is the US military complex money machine goverment...this isn't some weak middle east nation

if people can have faith that in the end ....Good will defeat evil....it has too.....it must or this existence is a fraud and the most evil existence consciousness has ever conspired against humans....I refuse to believe that......in the end ...Good will trump evil

enjoy the freedoms you still have .... spend time with your loved ones and realize that this little 70yr lifespan drop into what we call time is just that.....its measurable .....and it will end one day .......and time will blend into the circle of Eternity....

these short years we experience on Earth will end .....you will die....and then your eternal existence will truly begin

All humans were created with free will .....it's because it's the only way God could create us....for He is Good...

If he would of created us without free will and as mindless slaves to obey him with out any choice in the matter.... then that would of been evil....but He didn't .....its because he is good

he made us miniature gods in the sense that he gave us what He has ......Free Will....he is a being that is Free...he made us in his image therefore we are free to decide things for ourselves.......this is a good thing

Some humans have taken their free will and used It to abuse their fellow men.....to horde wealth and oppress the common man.....to engage in War for the sole purpose of money and power...... Some humans use free will to kill and torture people like BTK

we all have free will ....do you chose to treat your fellow man with respect ,compassion, love and dignity or do follow in the steps of evil men ... The Ones who engage free will and make choice to commit evil towards their fellow man

this is what this life is about to me .....if God was gonna create us then he could only do it one way....give us free will......we are free men....and not mindless slaves without choice...that's what the Evil does to people it puts people into bondage.....God created us and then He even gave us the choice whether we wanted to have anything to do with Him or just ignore him.......

because He is Eternal he knew that humans would use their free will and that it wouldnt turn out good for man....... but in the End He promises to make it all good again....He said that when we enter into the other side ...that all of the pain and suffering that we had to suffer because of humans misusing the free will they have.......that it will all fade away and we will remember the hurt no longer

I apologize if I've come,across as preachy ...Im not trying to...I'm just trying to share a honest mans opinion with you ...

its hard to be a human being living in the time we live in.....I feel the same betrayal by my goverment that all of you do ..

but my faith is something else....something spiritual

you know the reality is .....if we could all come togather and hypothetically overthrow this goverment and set up the greatest , fair to all men goverment this world has ever seen .....this would eventually happen....

it would end up in the same place as it is know....we have recorded human history as proof .....all empires crumble.....all righteous Goverments eventually become corrupted ....humans go to war....kill other humans......the rich and powerful steal the little that the poor man has.....it's justs keeps going on and on and on....I don't see how any one could honestly be a humanist...

look at our recorded history.....the majority of Humans that was born into or acquired Positions of power ....They used the Free Will they had to inflict evil.....

it will never change in this deminsion of time that we live in

I believe there is a God ....you might say .....well maybe there isn't.....but if there isn't ....when I look at recored human history.....the only conclusion I can come to is that we are doomed as a species....we are so arrogant and foolish ....yet so intelligent that we created weapons that can destroy all human life with a few strategically placed nuclear detonations

Humanisn has failed us....Organized Religions has failed us....the power these leaders have in these religious organizations has corrupted them too.....and let's be honest .....we as individuals have used our free will to make bad choices in our own lives too...... we too are responsible for the sufferings we endure in life

I started smoking when I was 13....im 34 now ...I used free will and I chose to smoke ...I knew it was bad ...I chose to do it anyways ....I might have to pay up one day

but I honestly believe.....if we as individuals can choose to treat our human neighbors on this earth according to the golden rule , which is this............do unto others as you would have people do unto you.....if a man can just live by this saying....then I believe that it will all work out for this man in the end ....even if it never does in this life.....all things will be made "good " on the other side