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Message Subject Will the Aurora shootings bring SECURITY MEASURES to a mall or movie theater near you?
Poster Handle Medic
Post Content
To those of us who are paying attention to the systematic obliteration of democracy by a small group of EVIL CONTROL FREAKS -

Remember, the basic formula IS - Action-Reaction-Solution -

Obviously - the Aurora shootings were a staged event - they even "staged" it in a theater. Wow.

The only explanation for a young man to throw away a promising career - had to be mind control - or something along those lines. His field is NeuroScience - gotta wonder what biobots/Nanowires he has been exposed to-

How long before they enforce MORE LAWS to keep the SHEEPLE "safe?" (but who will keep us "safe" from "them"????)

They will start with the guns - and move along from there.

In the months to come - gotta wonder if along with a ticket to your next 3D movie experience? You will be required to pass through scanners . . .then and ONLY THEN will you be able to get your popcorn.

 Quoting: eleyna2012

You betcha. The library by my house has had a cop in it for about 1 to 1 1/2 years. EVERY public place will have armed guards / cops in it for now on.
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