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The Aurora Shooting & the DIA Murial similarity's

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United States
07/20/2012 11:08 PM
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The Aurora Shooting & the DIA Murial similarity's
I am a Coloradan so sadden by this aweful act as I was driving today I was picturing what these poor people must have went thru then a thought I had:

Does Anyone find it weird that one of the Murals at DIA had this guy in a gas mask & this is one person description of the murial....and the mural was at DIA there also another one of the pictures that shows the Forest's on Fire & a Dead little girl in a coffin.... Columbine happen on the 20th now this on the 20th in Theatre 9...

The monster has awakened! This big and aggressive militaristic figure is dressed in a Nazi uniform (notice the symbol on the hat) with a face shaped like a gas mask. His hands are holding a rifle and a scimitar that is rather violently molesting the peace bearing dove. On the left is depicted an endless lineup of crying parents holding their limp, dead baby. This is a truly atrocious painting, with no redeeming message or moral. The fact that this was displayed at the main gate of the largest airport of America, during the age of political correctness (the nineties) is totally aberrant. The militaristic figure is glorified and all-powerful, situated at the center of the action. It has regained its powers that it seemed to have lost after WWII. It is back in full force and its leading the way to a new holocaust.

Look closely at the people on the left and the dead children sleeping on bricks. There is no traces of violence on them. Theyre simply devoid of life, as if they were poisoned by the deadly gas emanating from the rainbow above them. The monster, protected by his gas mask, is pointing the lineup of victims towards the letter on the bottom left.