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Reasons why we need bigger, better guns, and more of them!

Whalin Rift
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United States
07/21/2012 12:18 AM
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Reasons why we need bigger, better guns, and more of them!
For those feeble minded neutered sheeple out there who are jumping aboard the knee jerk express entertaining the thought of supporting ANY type of weapons ban, I would kindly like to remind you that...

1. If they are trying to take guns away there is a reason why they want to take them, and that reason does not have your best interest in mind.

2. Military Invasion from another country.

3. Alien Invasion. No need to list all the recent movies and tv series, right?

4. Zombie Apocalypse. Hey this is GLP right? You just have to include it.

5. It is physically impossible to round up all guns in America. Law abiding citizens would loose thiers. Criminals would not give up theirs so criminals would still have them. Duhh! If you cant understand that point you are just plain stupid.

You can not deny these truths, try and you will only out yourself as a shill.

I also believe that any type of gun ban/confiscation is foolhardy and dangerous because it risks inciting revolution. How many innocent lives would be lost implementing suck a policy?

If you support a weapons ban, shame on you! Wake up! You are being manipulated and decieved.

Wheres the Duke and Lee Marvin when you need them most...