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Whats your favorite Doom scenario Soundtrack. (not refering to the game specificly)

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07/21/2012 07:44 PM
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Whats your favorite Doom scenario Soundtrack. (not refering to the game specificly)
one that sticks in my mind is in the video game Prototype.
The last man!

Else then that it would be this one!

Final doom: River of styx OCR remix!

Touhou Koumakyou: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 'Devil's Advocate' OCR remix!

Share your favorite doom, end of the world scenario music or song!
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The Desire to Be fuel the belief that you Are which ignite the Will to Become which bring back forth the desire to be...
Let it be-come you! It means Stop seeking your higher self! It is seeking you! Stand still in your mind to calm the waters of your mind and then it shall find you, so you can ride those waves together!
your true self lies somewhere between your heart and your consciousness. It is called the heart consciousness,which is the creator, which is you!
The heart create the emotions and our mind evoke its purpose, from which we dream the life we live in order to imagine the nature of reality and finally remember love!

The highest Purpose of our mind is the ability to Forget! Go on and Forgive yourself!
There is no love in truth but there is truth in love!
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