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Message Subject Aurora shooter, mind-altering neuroscience researcher, Holmes was clearly provided with exotic gear
Poster Handle WindyMind
Post Content
from the urban dictionary on mind control

thesaurus for mind control:
brainwashing new world order illuminati nwo conspiracy brainwash cult deviant gentleman evil fuck government killuminati religion school sex 1984 barton big brother brainwashed brain washing more...

5. mind control
Having mind power of someone. Get inside of someone's head.

2. mind control
The abiblity to control/influence someone's "actions"

3. mind control
The minipulation of a subject's mind which causes the subject to perform a task when the set condition is triggered. This can be open to awareness or not by the subject. The minipulator is a malicious person/group using the media, sounds, etc. as a medium for such minipulations.
The government, Illuminati, the media... your mom, etc.
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