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Message Subject Aurora shooter, mind-altering neuroscience researcher, Holmes was clearly provided with exotic gear
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Much of the gear he had would be hard for a civilian to get.
 Quoting: WindyMind

How do you figure? I own both a rem870 and ar15, very easy to obtain either. Handguns would be available with pistol permit, which he could have easily obtained given his lack of criminal history (5$/permit here). Body armor (helmet, vest, leggings etc) could be ordered online or easily purchased with cash at a gun show. He'll, I've seen decent flak jackets on craigslist. Gas mask, gun show or nearly any army surplus store. .223, 12ga and .40 ammo can be picked up anywhere. The only bit of gear that would be somewhat had to obtain would be the smoke/gas canisters.

I would say a sliver of it would be hard to obtain, but certainly not most. I'd venture to say that finding the right color hair dye was more difficult than stocking his arsenal.
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